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Why? Now that is a big question. A profound question. Perhaps in that spirit of things, some people may ask 'Why join the Masonic Lodge?'

Well, in hindsight, being myself a Mason (Freemason and a member of this Lodge, and I went on to be a Past Master of another Lodge in Ontario), perhaps I would suggest the question should really be "Why don't men join the Masonic Lodge?'

Do you have all of life's answers? Bored with life? Nothing to do? No place interesting to go? No challenges remaining? Nothing new to experience? Have too many friends? Chances are you are not answering yes to many, or any of these questions.

In terms of answers to life's most important questions, one must assume that no organization can provide fresh answers not already found within The Bible. (Now if you find it strange for me to mention the Bible, in today's world it might be 'taboo', but 300 years ago, it was very much the 'in thing', I can assure you.) As an item of trivia, The Bible (happens to be a King James version) can also be found within the Lodge room, but it can be found in many homes as well. The Masonic Lodge is a Fraternity, not a Church. Like the society (and most organizations) of at least 300 years ago, it assumes men have some sort of basic belief in God. That assumption is an integral part of our history, and one we chose to keep.

That said, a Masonic Lodge can be a great place to make new friendships. In that company of good men of all ages, you just might gain a clearer understanding of the world around you. That might help you to better understand life, which may in turn help you to better live your life.

Along the way you may experience a dash of theatre, some good food, a little refreshment, some jokes, a little good clean fun. We are not a 'service club' as such, but we are not adverse to doing good helpful things. We are not a 'drinking club' either, but you may find a decent coffee, or cold bottle of water, can of pop, or perhaps even the occasional other beverage with food, before or after a meeting.

We tend to focus on helping to 'make good men better'. Are you a good man at heart, with a personal belief in God, who wants to become a better man? Did you want to ask for an application? Maybe that is the answer to the question of 'Why should a man join the Lodge?'.